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Barcamp Auckland 3 – Barcamp Auckland 3

June 24th, 2009 1 comment

What? BCA3 is the third Barcamp that will be held in Auckland. Read about past Barcamps that have been held in Auckland. Unlike other Barcamps you may have attended in NZ, BCA is much less restricted with subject matter. Our focus is on the cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge.

Where? BCA3 will be held at the same venue as the previous two Barcamps held in Auckland; Botany Downs Secondary College. The venue has been found to be a great space for collaboration and the Barcamp ideologies seem to be echoed by the architecture of the buildings.

When? BCA3 will be held on the 11th of July; sessions will commence at 9am however registration must be completed by 8:20am. The day will run until about 5:30pm.

Who? Barcamp is for anyone and everyone to attend. You make the event because you give the presentations and you hold the discussions. Everyone is a participant at Barcamps. Whether you are a high-school student, have a Phd or are a respected “celebrity” in your field of expertise, you have something to contribute; whether you are a designer, animator, social media strategist, web or desktop application developer, politician, technologist, blogger or a mum who just loves gadgets; you are welcome!

How much? Nothing. Barcamp has always been, and will always be free!

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